Generation Tochter

4 questions to: Marielle – Director

Who are you? 

 My name is Marielle Sjømo Samstad, 28 years old, Norwegian filmmaker living in Berlin. Storytelling is such a big part of human nature so I feel very lucky to work creatively with this art form. In filmmaking I have experience working in different departments but have worked mostly as an assistant director. Directing and working closely to people makes me feel more fulfilled and I am very excited to be directing Generation Tochter. 

What does Generation Tochter mean for you? 

 Generation Tochter is for me a beautiful and thrilling story build up by complex female characters and relationships, a film that dare to show a world of violence from a woman perspective. In existing action films you often find strong women but rarely do they hold an emotional aspect that allows them to become relatable or “real” characters. Generation Tochter is also a project that brings together many young filmmakers, a new generation that want to create art and collaborate creatively. A motivated team that has an open mind and look forward to establish innovative ways to reach our common goals.

What is your personal motivation?

 Film is a powerful medium and I also see it as my duty as a filmmaker to use my skills to share stories that I think are important. As a woman I am thrilled to be part of a project like this, that set diversity and feminist standards, but also work with a story that follows incredibly strong and fascinating women. As a coming-of-age film it explores themes such as transitioning into adulthood, search for identity and insecurity. Although the setting stands out from a “normal” way of living we can all still relate to those heartfelt and confusing moments that you experience as a young adult. I love working with people because I find it inspiring to connect with other individuals, and to learn from each other, both practically and psychologically. Therefore, working closely to so many creative people is a dream, and I can’t wait to put our cast together.

Why do you think GT should be supported?

We are a strong and passionate collective that put a lot of effort into this project and film because we all believe in it. With different backgrounds and abilities we come together to do something we love, but also challenge ourselves. It is hard work and making films take time so any support we can get will take us one step further to realise the project in the best way possible. For me it is important to make this film because we need stories about women, and to explore more female perspectives on screen and in art.